systemic poison

systemic poison
системный яд

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  • poison — poisoner, n. poisonless, adj. poisonlessness, n. /poy zeuhn/, n. 1. a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health. 2. something harmful or pernicious, as to happiness or well being: the poison of slander. 3.… …   Universalium

  • poison — Synonyms and related words: Cain, DDD, DDT, Paris green, abomination, abuse, acaricide, activate, adulterate, adulteration, afflict, aggrieve, alloy, annihilate, anthelmintic, antibiotic, antimony, antiseptic, apache, arsenic, arsenic trioxide,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Poison — This article is about the type of substance. For other uses, see Poison (disambiguation). The EU s standard toxic symbol, as defined by Directive 67/548/EEC. The skull and crossbones has long been a standard symbol for poison. In the context of… …   Wikipedia

  • systemic — Synonyms and related words: acaricide, anthelmintic, antibiotic, antiseptic, bug bomb, carbamate insecticide, chemosterilant, chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, contact poison, defoliant, disinfectant, eradicant, fumigant, fungicide, germicide …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Poison — Any substance that can cause severe distress or death if ingested, breathed in, or absorbed through the skin. Many substances that normally cause no problems, including water and most vitamins, can be poisonous if taken in too large of a quantity …   Medical dictionary

  • sys|tem|ic — «sihs TEHM ihk», adjective, noun. –adj. 1. having to do with, supplying, or affecting the body as a whole: »systemic sensations, systemic circulation. A systemic poison is absorbed into the plant itself, not merely sprayed on the outside (Harper… …   Useful english dictionary

  • lewisite — A war gas. It is a vesicant, a lung irritant like mustard gas, a systemic poison entering the circulation through the lungs or skin, and a mitotic poison arresting mitosis in the metaphase; …   Medical dictionary

  • cyanogen — 1. A compound of two cyano radicals, NC CN. 2. Highly toxic compounds (general formula X CN, where X is a halogen) that are used in chemical syntheses and as tissue preservatives. An example is c. bromide. c. chloride CNCl; a highly volatile… …   Medical dictionary

  • dimethyl-1-carbomethoxy-1-propen-2-yl phosphate — An organic phosphorus compound used as a systemic poison for the extermination of such pests as mites, aphids, and houseflies …   Medical dictionary

  • mustard gas — n an irritant oily liquid C4H8Cl2S used esp. as a chemical weapon that causes blistering, attacks the eyes and lungs, and is a systemic poison called also dichlorethyl sulfide, sulfur mustard * * * dichlorodiethyl sulfide …   Medical dictionary

  • Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis — Classification and external resources ICD 10 L23.7 ICD 9 692.6 …   Wikipedia

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